Sagunto Castle

Sagunto, about 25Km north of Valencia City is a fairly unremarkable town, except for it’s Castle, which is one of the oldest, and certainly the biggest in this region of Spain.
The Castle ruins are perched on top of the hill above the town, and extend for almost a kilometre. There are Seven main Squares, and different parts of the Castle were built by the Romans, the Visigoths, and the Moors, but there has been a settlement here since the time of Hannibal ( 219 BC )
Whether or not you’re interested in the History of the castle, it’s worth making the climb up from the town centre just for the views. The Castle is only 7Km from the Sea, and stands at the end of the Sierra Calderona looking out across the plains.
On the way up to the Castle, you’ll also pass the restored Roman Amphitheatre – still used today. Many people feel that the Restoration was not done particularly sympathetically, but there’s no denying that it’s impressive!

Make sure that you drop into the Tourist Office in the main Square before making the climb up to the Castle – there is no information available at the Castle itself. The Castle is open from 10am every day until 6pm, or 8pm in Summer – but closes at 2pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. Admission is free – although there will be an attendant near the gate to issue you with a ticket!

Note for Disabled or Elderly visitors: Despite the “Residents Only” signs on the road leading to the Castle, it is possible to drive up to the Castle gate.  Visitors are discouraged from doing so, because there is limited turning space, and parking – so if you’re young and fit, please park at the bottom and walk up!