The Alto Palancia

"Salto de la Novia" waterfall, Navajas

Running roughly North-west from Sagunto near the coast, to Jérica, in the mountains, is the Palancia River

This valley is less developed than the Rio Turia, in which Lliria stands, and there are some pretty villages along it.

A journey over the Sierra Calderona mountains, to visit Navajas (where you can swim in the river) and Segorbe, with a stop at an Underground Chapel on the way, makes an interesting day out from Villa Jazmin, and the views from the mountain roads are stunning.

Suggested route:  From Lliria, take the road to Alcublas (CV-339), and over the mountains towards Altura (CV-245), stopping at the Underground Church on the way.  Continue to Navajas and Segorbe, before returning to Altura, this time taking the road over the mountains (CV-25) to Gatova, Olocau, and Marines.

NB: Navajas is a desert as far as places to eat are concerned.  You’re better off heading for Altura, where there are a couple of bars in the centre of the village, which do quite good tapas.