Underground River

The make an interesting day trip from Villa Jazmin – particularly on those days when the weather is not so good.

The Caves lie near to the Vall D’Uixo, north of Sagunto, and lie about an hour’s drive from the Villa.  What makes these caves unusual is that they contain the longest navigable underground river in Europe – roughly 2.75Km, although only around 800m is open to Tourists.

From the entrance, you descend down a long flight of steps, until you get to a small jetty on the river below.  Then, you board a boat, and set off on an adventure through the caves, admiring the various stalactites and stalagmites, with names like “The Medusa”, “The Cathedral”, and so on.

The boats are propelled by hand, so it’s quite a spooky experience, gliding silently along in the dark.

After about 15 minutes, the boat pulls up at another jetty, deep in the caves, and you walk about 200m through a dry gallery, while the boat turns around.  When you get to the end of the gallery, the boat is there to collect you and take you back to the entrance.

The caves are always a constant 20°C, no matter what the outside temperature is—so if you’re there in mid summer, they may feel a little chilly!

On the surface there is also a Public Swimming Pool and a few souvenir shops and cafes—although outside of the Summer months these may be closed during the week.  The Caves are open daily throughout the year from 11am–1.15pm, and 3.30pm—5.45pm (and until 6.30pm from June—September).

Prices (as at April 2011) are €9.50 for Adults, €4.50 for Children aged 4-13, and €6.00 for Senior Citizens.

How to get there:

The Caves are located in the town of Vall d’Uixo, which is about 40Km north of the CV-35/A-7 Motorway junction.  Take Junction 287 on the A-7, and then follow the signs for Vall d’Uixo.  Eventually you’ll cross back under the A-7, and reach the outskirts of the town.  Follow the signs for “Segorbe”, and eventually you’ll start seeing signs for “Coves St Josep”, or “Grutas St Jose” – follow those until you see a large car park, and you’re there!

SatNav Location: 39.82311°N,  0.25139°W

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St Joseph’s Grottoes