[panoramio name=”Oceanografic” ids=”40489/6210,29389332/457713,320785/68353″ width=”400″]


This is the showpiece of the City of Arts and Sciences—Europe’s biggest Marine Life centre, and the second biggest in the world.

The complex consists of 11 different buildings, representing different ecosystems on the planet, from Coral Reefs in the South Pacific, to the Mediterranean, and even the Arctic and Antarctic.  The massive tank in the tropical section is spectacular, as is the enormous shark tank in the Oceans section.  Many of the tanks have underwater tunnels that you can walk through, giving the feeling of being underwater with the fish.

It’s the most expensive attraction in the City of Sciences, but it’s quite easy to spend a whole day here.  Avoid Sundays, which is the busiest day.  It’s a good idea to book tickets online or by phone—call 902 100 031 (English speaking)

Note: We recommend that you avoid the Dolphinarium.  There are strong arguments against keeping Dolphins in captivity, and the fact that the Oceanografic does so undermines it’s otherwise good Conservation message.