Turia Gardens

Turia Gardens - Photo by Sim00n

TheĀ Jardines del Turia form a 9Km-long green belt, around much of the city centre, where the River Turia used to run – until a particularly bad flood in 1957 persuaded the City planners to divert the River along a much wider channel, to the south of the City.

TheĀ Jardines are not a masterpiece of gardening, to stun you with their beauty, but there are numerous playgrounds, sports areas, fountains, and well-trimmed gardens, making it a pleasant place for a stroll, and to escape from the hustle and bustle of the City.

At either end of the River lie two of Valencia’s foremost tourist attractions – the and the Bioparc – but it’s a long walk between them!

Turia Gardens - Photo by philliecasablanca

If you’re interested in a highly original way to explore the gardens, why not try a Segway Tour! You’ll be given 30 minutes instruction, and you then head off to explore the Gardens with your (English-speaking) guide! Note that the tour is for Adults over 18 only.

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