Local Fiestas

Every town and village in Spain has it’s own Fiesta – sometimes more than one!

The major Fiestas in Lliria are the Fiesta of San Miguel, and the Fiesta of San Vicente, while Valencia City has what is arguably Spain’s most famous Fiesta, Las Fallas.

Another fiesta known widely outside Spain is La Tomatina in Buñol.

The following list gives the dates of many of the other smaller fiestas in the local towns and villages:
9th-16th: La Pobla de Vallbona: Benediction of the Animals (see below) on the 9th, followed by construction of a monumental bonfire, culminating in the “entry of the trunks” on the 15th, with nighttime fireworks, and finally the burning of the bonfire at midnight.
Around 17th: Alcublas, Benisanó, Bétera, Marines, Gátova, & Olocau: Fiesta of San Antonio Abad. On this day, the people of the village take their animals to the door of the church to be blessed by the priest. In Olocau and Gátova they also light a huge bonfire, while in Marines there is a “Costume Parade” (no idea what this means, since we’ve never actually been there to see it!)
20th/21st: La Pobla de Vallbona: Fiesta of San Sebastian – afternoon processions through the town

3rd: Vilamarxant: Small Fiesta in honour of St Blas

12-19th: Valencia and most other towns: Las Fallas

First Monday after Easter: Lliria: Fiesta of San Vicente Ferrer
20th April:  Cheste:  Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Gloriosa

1st May: Domeño:  Fiesta of the Holy Cross
3rd weekend:  Benisanó – Fiesta of the Daughters of Mary

End of the month: Benisanó – Cultural WeekJuly

15th-18th: L’Eliana
Varies: Gátova: Bulls week, with running of the Bulls
Mid-July: Lliria: Cultural Week, with various Musical and Cultural activities

5th-11th: Marines: Main Fiesta (Fiesta de Cristo de las Mercedes)
15th: Riba-Roja de Túria – Fiesta of the Virgin of the Ascension.
15th/16th: Bétera: Main Fiesta (the Virgin of the Ascension). The first day of this is also known as the “Fiesta of Basil Plants”, with a parade of local people in traditional dress, taking offerings of Basil plants to the Virgin at the Church. The whole area is decorated with Basil plants – some several feet high! There is singing from Midnight until dawn.
15th-20th: Casinos: Main Fiesta, with lots of food and drink – the town is renowned for its Turrones, Sugared almonds, and wines!
End of the month: Benisanó – Sports Week
End of the month/Start of September: Vilamarxant: Fiesta of Holy Chirst of Health.
End of the month/Early September: Lliria: Moors and Christians Parade.
16th: Olocau and Villar del Arzobispo: Fiesta of San Roque
Last Wednesday: Buñol: La Tomatina – the World’s biggest tomato fight!

1st half of month: Benaguasil: Main fiesta (Our lady of Montiel)
1st-10th: Benisanó – Main Fiesta (Mother of God of the Foundation)
7-14th: Riba-Roja de Túria: Main Fiesta (Holy Christ of the Afflicted)
8th: Bétera: Small fiesta
15th-29th: Llíria: Main Fiesta (San Miguel Archangel)
23rd-25th: Gátova: Main Fiesta in honour of Christ of Mercy and Our Lady of Favour – a time to enjoy the magnificent countryside of the Sierra Calderona and to drink water from its abundant fonts.

7th: Olocau & La Pobla de Vallbona: Fiesta of the Virgin of the Rosary
2nd Weekend: Lliria:  Bull’s Festival:  Bull-running, Fire bulls, etc.  Unless you enjoy seeing terrified animals running around with fire attached to their horns, this may be one to miss!
18th: Cheste: Fiesta de la Vendimia