San Miguel Fiesta

The San Miguel Fiesta is the main fiesta of the year in Lliria. The fiesta runs from around 16th or 17th September, ending on 29th (St Michael’s Day), when the statue of St Michael Archangel is brought down from the Monastery on the hill, and paraded around the town.

Throughout this period there are various concerts in the Main Square, processions through the town, and a large fair along Pla de l’Arc, complete with stalls selling everything from Walking sticks to Serrano Ham.

There’s also a large outdoor restaurant on the corner of the fair – we can thoroughly recommend the Rotisserie Chicken in garlic sauce!

Every year there’s also a small exhibition of local artisans (mainly selling local foodstuffs) in the grounds of the Sports Centre.  The exhibition normally runs for 4 days from about 22nd-25th September. This is a great way to check out the local food and wine – and you may well find things that you won’t see elsewhere.

The programme of events is available from the Tourist Office – but unfortunately is usually only available in Valenciano.  However, the Tourist Office staff are very helpful, and will help to translate parts of it for you, if there’s something you’re interested in.