Iglesia de la Asunción, Lliria

Iglesia de la Asunción, Lliria (File Courtesy of Wikimedia)

The nearest town to Villa Jazmin is Lliria. Most of the 22,000-strong Population play a Musical Instrument of some kind, and the town is known for the fierce competition between its two rival Musical Colleges – the Banda Primitiva, and the Unió Musical.

The town itself is not the prettiest in the region, but the old part of town is quite interesting – if you wander upwards from the main square, behind the Iglesia de la Asunción, you pass through narrow streets with whitewashed houses, until you arrive at the 13th Century Iglesia de la Sang and, looking oddly out of place next to the ancient architecture, the very modern Lliria Archeological Museum.  It’s also worth making the climb up to the San Miguel Monastery on the hill above the town – the Monastery itself is interesting, and the views are fabulous.  It’s possible to drive up there, although the street is narrow in places – if you’re not well-practised with Hill Starts, you might find walking less stressful!

The town comes alive at Fiesta time, and the two biggest ones of the year are the Fiesta de San Vicente Ferrer, on the first weekend after Easter, and the Fiesta de San Miguel, which runs for two weeks up to September 19th.  However, there are numerous other minor events throughout the year – many involving Music, so whenever you visit there’s a reasonable chance that something will be going on – just ask at the Tourist Office.

The main shopping areas of the town are in the centre between the Town Square and the Main Street (Calle de Duc de Lliria), and along Pla de L’Arc, which is the main road out of town towards Marines and Olocau. The Mercadona supermarket has most of the essentials you’ll need, and has a free Car Park above it.

Lliria is at the end of Metro Line 1 into Valencia City.  You’ll find the Metro Station near the bottom of town, and trains run at least twice each hour throughout the day.  The trip takes about 50 minutes, and the last train back is at 22:23 – just about the time when the bars in Valencia are starting to get lively!

San Vicente Park, Lliria

Popular with families at weekends and holidays, the San Vicente Natural Park, 3Km out of town towards Marines, is a leafy Oasis with Acacias and Eucalyptus trees, with a small chapel, and plenty of BBQ/Paella areas.  During the week it’s quieter, and a nice place to stroll along the river.